A New Year’s Resolution!

firstexecutivemeeting 12.12.13

The first month of the year is when we all ambitiously set ourselves great resolutions to be healthier, more adventurous, frugal, active, committed and/or pick up new skills. So as Women’s Officer of the CLP along with core members of the Women’s Forum we resolved to be canvassing pros in 2014!

And being the women of integrity we are, we have beaten the ‘no one keeps to their new year’s resolutions statistic’ and organised specific door canvassing training for this weekend!
We hope this will not only sharpen our #labourdoorstep skills but encourage more female members to feel confident about coming out canvassing as well as building more and better relationships with members and local residents
The training promises to be interactive and fun over a cup of tea (or hot chocolate ;)) and lovely cakes and biscuits.
Canvass training (open to all women members) Saturday 11th January, 9:30am (10am prompt start)- 11am, Moors Deli London, Plaistow Road.
I hope to see all you ladies there!!
Happy New Year all!!! =D
Seyi Akiwowo
West Ham CLP Women’s Officer
P.S. As this session falls on the same day as the #CostofCameron campaign, after the training session we’ll have the chance to put what we’ve learnt to the test in a very marginal seat- Thurrock and support out buddies. We will be heading to Thurrock just after 11am to support Polly Billington their female Parliamentary Perspective candidate. The canvassing session is of course open to all male members and supporters 🙂

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