Putting my new skills to the test in Thurrock

by Rania Ramli
As a new member of the Labour party, the canvassing training session organised by Seyi on Saturday was especially useful; even more so because we were immediately able to put our newly acquired skills to practice in Thurrock.West Ham CLP with colleague in Thurrock

This was my first ever experience of actual face to face campaigning with the Labour party, and it was particularly enjoyable to be able to promote and speak about policies and issues which I personally feel extremely passionate about. 

Rania and West Ham colleagues in Thurrock

One particularly prevalent issue which I am extremely glad that the Labour party is tackling is childcare, or more so the lack of support in providing mothers with the necessary measures to enable them to return to work after having a child. This in itself is what I believe to be one of the most detrimental issues in sabotaging women’s capacity to earn money and undermining their chances of financial independence. It is completely unfair and I feel very proud to be part of a political party which is not only addressing this issue but also putting it at the centre of its agenda.

All in all, the main reason that I chose to join the Labour party in particular is because Labour’s core values of equality, fairness and social mobility, are a very good encapsulation of those for which I stand – making it the ideal party for me to be part of. I can’t wait to do some more canvassing and I’m very excited to get involved in all of the other amazing work that Labour do!


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