Goodbye Gerry

Yesterday family, friends and comrades gathered to say goodbye to Gerry Carlile.

Cllr Ron Manley, fellow West Ham ward member and friend for over 40 years, spoke to mourners about Gerry’s commitment to fairness and equality as well as their many heated discussions. We heard that Gerry was the seventh of eight children, about his trade unionism and his volunteering work helping local children have days and holidays away. We left the funeral to God Save the Queen – Gerry was known for his fierce support for the royal family.

And after the service Ruby, Gerry’s younger sister by five years, told us how a teenage Gerry always came to pick her up after rehearsals and ice skating sessions even though he wanted to stay with his friends.

We later raised a toast to Gerry, which we know he would have appreciated. And later, at GC, our Chair Charlene McLean and Lyn Brown MP both gave tributes and we held a minute silence. And I suspect there were a few of us who wondered what Gerry’s contribution would have been as we debated the Collins review.

Goodbye Gerry.


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