Sunny eve in West Ham

West Ham ward had the most fantastic weather for their barbecue on Thursday. With members from all over West Ham (and even some from East Ham)  and our MP, Lyn Brown, it was a great opportunity to thank our comrade Ron Manley for all his work.

Ron was elected as a West Ham ward Councillor in 1986, and has held various posts including Deputy Mayor, Chair of North West Area Housing Committee and Chair of Development Control. For four years, 1992 to 1996 he was the Councillor for Custom House. However when he accepted our gifts (books detailing the history of Newham and a bottle of House of Commons whisky) he said his proudest achievement was being part of the very successful Abbey Gardens here in West Ham.

As well as thanking Ron, we’d also like to thank everyone for bringing dishes, buying raffle tickets but most of all to Charlene for setting up her ice cream stall – perhaps a new West Ham tradition…


members from


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