Speaker and community Iftar

We had a great GC (all members meeting) last week. A packed room heard from and questions our speaker Professor Ken Spours from the Institute of Education and then joined a community Iftar (breaking of the fast).

There’s a great blog here by Cllr John Gray about our meeting and speaker Ken Spour’s presentation and report. We then headed into the hall, laden with food on both sides, and were welcomed by Cllr Hanif Abdulmuhit. We also heard from Aisha Siddiqah, our CLP chair Charlene McLean and our MP Lyn Brown as well as Prof F A Reza who was representing a local mosque.

We distributed water and dates while Hanif explained that we should drink the water and eat the date at the time of sunset to break the fast and that then some people would leave the room to pray while the rest of us should begin to eat and chat to our neighbours.

Which is exactly what we did. It was a fantastic event that created great conversations, as you can see from the photos, between neighbours and friends while eating some delicious food.

Thanks to everyone who came along and to those that contributed food. And especial thanks to Aisha and the Sheba Project and the generous support of the Big Iftar initiative.

Eid Murbarak.


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