Labour conference motions

Julianne, West Ham delegate

There are 11 contemporary motions in total that have made it through the conference arrangements committee process (our one on housing did not make it through – it was deemed to not be contemporary…). Those with the most votes (up to eight) will be debated at conference.

They are:

  1. Dealing with anti-semitism
  2. Ebola
  3. Global human rights (union)
  4. Housing
  5. Low pay and insecurity (union)
  6. NHS
  7. Rail (union)
  8. Tackling ISIL
  9. The Middle East
  10. Unqualified teachers
  11. Work in the contemporary economy (union)

Four of these motions are supported by the unions – which means union members are very likely to vote for them and therefore they are very likely to be debated. A constituency labour party (CLP) representative (or delegate) can therefore use their four votes for the other motions which means we could get eight motions discussed.

The Middle East also includes one of the shortest motions (that perhaps some of my comrades could take note of!):

“Conference notes with relief the ceasefire in Gaza on 26 August 2014 and hopes that all parties can now agree a just and lasting peace.” Lancaster and Fleetwood CLP

My thinking so far is to vote for housing, Middle East and NHS but I’m undecided on the fourth. Let me know what motions you want West Ham CLP to support by emailing


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