Labour’s London Mayor Nomination – 28 May 2015

Members are invited to West Ham Labour party’s all-member meeting on 28 May where we will decide whether to nominate candidates to stand for London Mayor.

After we’ve finished making nominations we hope you will stay and join us for a social event. We’ll be weloming new members and thanking everyone for all their work over the election campaign. Please do bring food or drink to share with other members.  

Where and when?
When: 8pm on Thursday 28 May
Where: Vicarage Lane Community Centre, Govier Close, London E15 4HW

What will happen at the meeting?

A list of people that have applied to become Labour’s candidate for the Mayor is available here. If you want to ensure the meeting considers a particular candidate, please come ready to propose or second that candidate at the beginning of the meeting. All West Ham members will have a chance to discuss the merits of each candidate before we all vote on whether to nominate anyone at all or whether to nominate one or two people (we have to nominate at least one woman). The Labour Party will then shortlist candidates that West Ham and other London Constituency Labour Parties have nominated. Those shortlisted candidates will then speak at hustings across London that party members and supporters can attend. Voting on this (and the Leader of the Labour party) will open in mid-August and will be announced 12 September.

You’ll need to have valid and current membership of the Labour party to vote.

GC – delegates will meet at 7.30 as usual but at Vicarage Lane on Thursday 28 May before nomination meeting.



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