Our growing family

by Ellie Robinson, Chair of West Ham CLP

The number of people who are Labour party members in West Ham has doubled over the past few months, to over 1000 members! It was a silver lining to see so many people join after the disastrous election result in May and increase over the summer with the excitement of the leadership election.

It has been exciting meeting all the new members from various backgrounds and numerous reasons for joining. We had a wonderful event a couple of weeks ago at the East Shopping Mall where over 100 new members came for a friendly meet and greet. There were mocktails, bubble tea, amazing canapés and lively conversations.

 If you are new to West Ham Labour, welcome to our family! We understand people join for lots of different reasons, I hope we can help you get the most out of your membership.

Check out our new members booklet here. The booklet is very comprehensive on our processes and systems, don’t let it put you off, being a member is more about meeting like minded people and getting stuff done!

Do get in touch if you have any ideas, questions or suggestions – e.clarkerobinson@gmail.com, 07709786731

Hope to see you soon, x


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