Sunday Night Live – new Labour landscape

By Rokhsana Fiaz

The first session of Sunday Night Live at Stratford Picture House was a resounding success! Over 40 Labour Party members, including new members and participants from as far a field as Germany (!) participated in an eclectic discussion about the (new) Labour Party landscape that has emerged with the election of Corbyn and Watson. Implications for the wider Labour movement were considered, including opportunities for members. Attendees also looked at what it represented in terms of shifts occurring in British politics,and the drive towards mobilising the party and the country around a distinct Labour anti-austerity offer (opportunities, risks and challenges)

Attendees were spilt into four breakout groups, and were tasked with developing strategies for the Labour Party’s 2020 General Election campaign, before presenting their conclusions back to the rest of the group who imagined themselves as members of the party’s NEC. 

The next Sunday Night Live session takes place at 5.00pm – 6.30pm on Sunday 29th November at Stratford Picture House. For more info, visit


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