Sunday Night Live 2016

by Cllr Rokhsana Fiaz

Save the date for another evening of debate & discussion in the New Year!

So, as we usher out 2015 and welcome in the New Year, Sunday Night Live are pulling together a great series of events exploring the key topics and issues that are going to shape 2016:

  • Whether Sadiq Khan winning in London as the new Labour Mayor puts a stop to the convulsions still gripping the party over Jeremy Corbyn
  • Why the EU referendum is getting the Tories in a spin and signals more trouble for the EU project
  • How the US Presidential race is skewing sensible debate on gun control, immigration and terrorism – and putting the world’s ‘greatest’ nation to shame
  • Whether attempts to resolve the Syrian conflict will ease the tragedy facing millions of refugees
  • Can the world stop ISIS despite their relentless march in the social media sphere;
  • Whether the Paris deal on climate change will lead to global cooperation to end the man-made assault on the world
  • How disruptive technologies are going to impact the way we live, earn and work

So save the date for our first New Year session at 5pm on Sunday 31st January at the Stratford Picture House bar, London E15 1BX.

Further details will be circulated in the coming weeks, but in the meantime: have a look at what the pundits say. Here’s a link to the Economist’s short film of top news trends that they say will define, for better or worse, the coming year.

Wishing you a Happy New Year!

Sunday Night Live Team


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