Happy New Year

by Ellie Robinson, Chair of West Ham CLP

What a year!

While 2015’s disastrous General Election result wasn’t what we had campaigned or hoped for, West Ham Labour rose to the challenge to lead the fight back.

We ended the year on a high with our membership doubling in recent months and it was great to meet so many new members at our exciting social event on Green Street. We campaigned successfully in two council by-elections, and a range of constituency seats across the country. The wonderful women’s forum has gone from strength to strength, the new youth forum hit the ground running, we held some interesting policy events including making a comprehensive contribution to the London manifesto (see attached our submission) and the Christmas Quiz was as fun as usual! Thank you to all those who made last year so successful.

We have a huge challenge next year to get Sadiq Khan elected as Mayor of London.

We can’t be complacent; we have only won the Mayoralty once. But wouldn’t it be wonderful to wake up on the 7th with a Labour Mayor, the son of a bus driver who grew up on an estate, committed to fixing the housing crisis, stopping in work poverty, making travel cheaper and tackling air pollution and climate change. We have to win this election, for the millions of Londoners suffering under this Tory government. 

There is an easy way for you to make this possible:

Join us on the 4th Jan at your local train station to talk to commuters or another event:

4th Jan – tube and train stations

Sadiq Khan has committed to freezing train, tube and bus fares until 2020 and to introduce a £1.50 unlimited trip bus ticket valid for an hour. Help us talk to commuters at stations across West Ham – even half an hour on your way to work would be great.
We’ll be at Stratford, West Ham, Star Lane, Canning Town, Royal Victoria, Custom House, Forest Gate, Maryland, Upton Park, Plaistow. Please email westhamlabour@gmail.com to let us know which station you can do.

16 Jan – Super Saturday. Lyn Brown MP will be joining us to talk to voters about Sadiq Kahn. Meeting 11am in Canning Town South at St Luke’s Church, Tarling Road, E15 1HN or at 2pm at Forest Gate station (as always don’t worry if you’ve not done it before someone will be with you).

21 Jan – Women’s Forum hosts Tax Credit and the Economy discussion with Seema Malholtra MP, Shadow Secretary to the Treasury, 7pm (venue tbc and men are welcome!)

30 Jan – West Ham Trades Union and Labour TULO anti austerity launch event with John McDonnell MP, Kevin Courtney NUT and hosted by Lyn Brown MP, 2pm, University of East London, Stratford Campus

31 Jan – Sunday Night Live, 5pm at Stratford Picture House for more info click here.

Anytime… inputting data, Wanted volunteers to input voting intention records onto Labour’s computer system, Contact Creator. Patience to learn and do the job required, together with a computer using Internet Explorer! Ideal for those who can or don’t want to knock doors and help from home.

Please make it your new year’s resolution to turn London Labour!



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