Brexit – a journey into the unknown…

A journey into the unknown: what now for the UK and the Labour Party now that we have Brexit?

WHEN: Sunday, 3 July 2016 from 17:00 to 18:30 (BST)
WHERE: Gerry’s Kitchen – Gerry Raffles Square, London, E15 1BG – View Map

Like many of you, Sunday Night Live has watched the convulsions gripping our nation since Thursday’s referendum results with unease and trepidation.

With Brexit, it is clear that Britain is heading into a period of unprecedented political, constitutional and economic crisis. In this period of multiple uncertainties we decided to pause this weekend and take stock before organising our next session.

So next weekend we’ll be organising a special Sunday Night Live session with key experts and commentators to examine a host of issues including:

  1. What shape Brexit should take, when Article 50 is evoked, plus is ‘associated member’ status really a runner?
  2. How to deal with a divided nation, when 48% voted for a different referendum outcome;
  3. Implications for the very existence of the United Kingdom in the face of a probable second Scottish Independence referendum;
  4. How best to contend with the rise in populist, nationalist sentiment across parts of Britain unleashed by fears of immigrants and fuelled by racism;
  5. Whether Labour can address its strategic problem in reconnecting with its core Labour voters who backed Brexit, but also those who drifted to Ukip – whoever is Labour Party leader given the prospects of an early general election;
  6. What permanent effects will Brexit have on the United Kingdom, Europe and the global economy – and how long will we experience economic volatility and uncertainty.

Register here.


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