Silvertown Tunnel discussion

by Dr Rohit K Dasgupta

On 19th January, Canning Town South Labour Party Ward hosted a ‘Silvertown Tunnel Information Meeting’.

The meeting was in response to knowing what the council’s position is on this very important issue which threatens quality of air and transport in the local area. Three speakers- Cllr Ken Clark, Dean Armond and Robbie Gordon presented on the issue from various perspectives.


Cllr Rokhsana Fiaz asking a question at Silvertown Tunnel debate


Cllr Clark said that whilst the council had not outrightly rejected the proposals, they were not endorsing it either. This came for some criticism and the councillors present argued that a motion would be raised at the Council labour group. Mr Armond on the other hand explained this would put a great deal of pressure on the local roads which are already struggling to cope with the increased traffic and finally Mr Gordon who represents the No to Silvertown Tunnel Campaign explained that it has been very difficult to engage our elected representatives in the London Assembly such as Val Shawcross and it was imperative that they listened to and engaged with the concerns of the local people.

The final date for the public consultation regarding the tunnel is the 11th of April and all local members are being urged to submit their opinions to TFL.

Also present in the meeting were several councillors, our GLA member (who has agreed to help set up a meeting with Val Shawcross AM) and our MP, Lyn Brown.

This will be the first of many meeting that Canning Town South hopes to organise with Custom House and Canning Town North on local issues specific to this area.

For more information on this please get in touch with Dr Rohit K Dasgupta, Chair of Canning Town South Branch.


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