Save Our Statue

We passed two motions at West Ham GC tonight.


The Champions statue – in Boleyn. Where the champions played.

Boleyn Statue

We have seen the moving and loss of West Ham United from Boleyn ground and its move to Stratford Olympic stadium.

The Bobby More statue, on the cross roads of the old West Ham and East Ham should remain as part of our local history, so visitors and local folk can continue to see where the famous man and others played, and we call on Newham Council to protect it where it is.

After a string of passionate speeches about celebrating our heritage the motion was passed unanimously (although with an abstention).

Cycle Lanes

Where cycle highways/Lanes exist primary legislation should be put in place so that, providing it is safe to do so, all cyclists should mandatorily use all available cycle lanes . Where ever they exist, these should be used for the safety of themselves and all other road users.
We call upon West Ham CLP to lobby parliament to this end to have it enshrined in law.

After lots of debate about whether this could be mandatory and noting the many inadequate cycle lanes and courtesy between all road users, GC passed this motion (although with quite a few abstentions).