West Ham Women’s Newsletter
Wednesday 21 June 

Let’s Get Political, Baby!

Hello West Ham Women’s Forum 
We hope you’re having a good week. Thank you again to everyone that helped out campaigning over GE2017. It is great to see so many gains across the country, in Ilford North, Westminster North and an increase here at home in West Ham. You all worked so so hard! The first quick thing you can do to get more involved is to join our West Ham Labour Women Facebook group.

Below are key dates for your lovely diaries and important information

West Ham Thank You

Don’t forget West Ham Labour are throwing a social to thank members and to celebrate majorities here and in many constituencies we helped during the election campaign. Hope you can join us Friday 30th
Time: 7-10 pm Friday 30 June
Location: Eat16, St Lukes, 89 Tarling Rd, E16 1HN

Seyi is happy to give lift from Stratford at 6:45pm – get contact directly with her. Or you can meet Gen at Canning Town Station at 6:15 pm. Click on the picture for more information.
West Ham Labour AGM  – Tonight!

Tonight is West Ham Labour’s AGM. The AGM is where we review how our year has gone, our delegates elect officers of the party for the year and we discuss West Ham’s Standing Orders (policy). If your a new female delegate for your branch or if you would like to observe the meeting, our GC delegate Jane and Seyi would love to meet you beforehand.
We will be outside  Harold Road Community Centre from 6:45 pm and then we can all go together.

Observers (non-delegates) are welcome just a warning AGMs, our AGM isn’t as interesting as our normal GC meetings but it is an opportunity to meet people and see how the local party works. We will be regularly meeting before GC meetings to hopefully make it seem less daunting

Location: 170 Harold Road E13 0SE
Time: 6:45 pm, Thursday 22 June
Contact: Seyi via westhamlabour@gmail.com

Continue Canvassing…

We are really keen to continue canvassing regularly and keep up our Labour presence on the the doorstep. We have local elections in 11 months and we could have another General Election later this year. Our next session will be a Street Stall outside Stratford Station. Those only able to join us for a short period of time for whatever the reason are welcome. If you have any accessibility concerns please let us know.
Location: Stratford Station
Time: 6 – 7:45 pm
Contact: Seyi or Gen via westhamlabour@gmail.com
How you can get more involved in the party or your community.

Our next meeting is designed for women who are keen to get more involved politically whether that is standing as a Cllr, standing for a position in the party or getting more involved in local campaigns and community groups. If you’ve been a member for a while and would like to progress further this session is for you too.
Some of our lovely Councillors and members will talk you through different pathways and activities you can get involved.

Location: Gerry’s Kitchen Gerry Raffles Square then dinner at Stratford Meridian Square​
Time: 7:00 pm 11 July 2017
Contact: Seyi or Seyi via westhamlabour@gmail.com
Councillor Buddies 🙂 

Standing to be a Councillor is very exciting and rewarding but can also be confusing. We don’t want good candidates to be overwhelmed and wanted to set up a system to link you up with a female Councillor to act as a ‘buddy’.  We want to facilitate an informal buddy system so that aspiring Councillors have someone to call upon with questions, someone to meet for coffee, even someone whose surgeries or meetings you could shadow, or do a mock interview with.
If you are interested in being linked up with a buddy, please email Rachel via
via westhamlabour@gmail.com
Summer Social – SAVE THE DATE! 
Another important date for your lovely diaries, we are having a Summer Social BBQ. Children and Babies are welcome and encouraged!  Please bring your own meats and drinks. Those who RSVP Yes by 1st August will be sent the location address.
Let’s get political (baby)!

We were thinking about how to make our activities even more inclusive and wondered you wanted us to hold a small canvassing session that was especially for women who wanted to bring along their babies or small children. Rachel would be happy to bring her youngest, who is 4 and although not a baby does love delivering leaflets.  We would leaflet outside a playgroup or canvass a road for an hour or so, then move somewhere together to feed or entertain the children. It would be great to get our children out and involved in political life, and also to show all our Labour sisters that you are very welcome to get involved whilst you have small children and that we’re happy to include everyone. If anyone is interested, please drop Rachel a line on
via westhamlabour@gmail.com
 In Sisterhood,

Seyi Akiwowo West Ham Women’s Officer
West Ham Women’s Forum Exec