West Ham CLP AGM 2018

On 28th June 2018 the West Ham Labour party held it’s Annual General Meeting. At this meeting election were held for positions in the CLP for 2018/2019, these can be seen below:

Officer team:

Chair – Josephine Grahl
Secretary – John Saunders
Treasurer – Tina Jess
Vice Chair Membership – Mehmood Mirza
Vice Chair Campaigns and Communications – Karl Lewis
Women’s Officer – Fion Hay

CLP Co-ordinators:

TU Liason – David Hardman
Community Involvement – Carel Buxton
Political Education & Training – Veronica Oakeshott & John Whitworth
Fundraising – Daniel Blaney
IT – Andy Perkins
Youth – Anas Khan
Disability – Linda Laurie
LGBT – Rohit Dasgupta
BAME – Chaudhry Qasim Yaseen
Premises – John Saunders
Social – Julianne Marriott / Mehmood Mirza
Phone canvassing – Alan Griffiths
Minutes – Joel Ainsworth
Auditors – Peter Douglas and Neil Wilson