Keep It Comradely Statement

For just over 12 months West Ham Labour have had in place a ‘Keep It Comradely’ Statement. This applies to all our meetings and our social media. Below is the statement as it currently reads:

At all West Ham CLP events we want all members to feel safe, comfortable and able to participate.
Healthy debate plays an important part in many West Ham CLP events, but it’s possible for debate to get out of hand. No matter how passionately you feel there is never an excuse for an argument or to get personal, abusive or aggressive.
We ask that every participant show respect to others. This includes listening to others points of view, using appropriate and respectful language at all times and only speaking through the Chair. This isn’t about restricting debate; it’s about making sure everyone feels able to participate.
Further, we take the issue of equal opportunities very seriously. At all of our events we aim to create an environment that is accessible to everyone and one that is free from discrimination and prejudice.
So any discriminatory comments, including, but not limited to: sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, ageist or disablist comments, are definitely not allowed, even if you don’t mean to offend.
It is also worth noting the Labour party social media policy, which can be found on the national website here.
It is very rare that either are needed, but these are in place to help ensure all our members are able to participate.