Our councillors

Our Councillors
This page of Newham Council’s website has details of all the current councillors.

The list below is the candidates whom we have selected to stand for election in 2014. They are listed by ward.

Pat Holland             Custom House
Conor McAuley       Custom House
Rokhsana Fiaz       Custom House
Ann Easter             Canning Town North
Clive Furness        Canning Town North
Kay Scoresby        Canning Town North
Alan Griffiths          Canning Town South
Sheila Thomas      Canning Town South
Bryan Collier         Canning Town South
Ellie Robinson        Forest Gate North
Rachel Tripp         Forest Gate North
Seyi Akiwowo        Forest Gate North
Dianne Walls        Forest Gate South
Mas Patel               Forest Gate South
Winston Vaughan        Forest Gate South
Hanif Abdulmuhit    Green Street West
Idris Ibrahim        Green Street West
Tahmina Rahman        Green Street West
Forhad Hussain        Plaistow North
James Beckles        Plaistow North
Joy Laguda        Plaistow North
Aleen Alarice        Plaistow South
Gordon Mackinnon-Miller    Plaistow South
Neil Wilson        Plaistow South
Charlene McLean        Stratford & New Town
Richard Crawford    Stratford & New Town
Terry Paul        Stratford & New Town
Freda Bourne        West Ham
John Gray        West Ham
John Whitworth        West Ham


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