Executive Committee 2017/2018

Our Executive Committee meet once a month and is responsible for running the CLP – organising fundraising, social events, campaigning and communications.

Chair: Charlene McLean
Secretary: Alan Griffiths
Treasurer: John Saunders
Women’s Officer: Seyi Akiwowo
Vice-Chair, Membership: Josephine Grahl
Vice-Chair, Campaigns & Communications:  John Gray

You can email us on westhamlabour@gmail.com

Charlene Mclean, Chair

Is also a Newham Councillor for Stratford & Newtown.

Seyi Akiwowo, Women’s OfficerSeyi Akiwowo

Seyi has been our pioneering West Ham Women’s Officer.

Since being elected in October 2013, Seyi has helped change the perception of local Labour Party meetings, has established our first Women’s Forum; has helped increase female membership and activity across branches and to the Forum and has encouraged other CLP officers to do the same. Seyi held the first ever Education Debate in West Ham, Fundraising Dinner and celebrated International Women’s Day in style by holding a fun community event which engaged the local community. This great work was picked up by Labour Party HQ and our Women’s Forum is now part of Labour’s best practice in the Women’s Officer CLP handbook.

Having inputted key pledges into the Newham Labour manifesto on important issues like Domestic Violence, breast screening and childcare, the Forum are now establishing their new priorities for the upcoming year.

Don’t worry, the Women’s Forum isn’t always serious, there are plenty of socials, lovely food, children friendly meetings and laughs in between campaigning- our Women’s Forum do both excellently! 

Josephine Grahl, Vice Chair (Membership)

Josephine is a full time trade union official

Alan Griffiths, SecretaryAlan Griffith for web

Alan is the secretary of West Ham Labour Party. The Secretary is responsible for calling the Annual General Meeting on the 4th Thursday in June and the monthly meetings of the General Committee and the Executive Committee.

Alan is also responsible for keeping in touch with the Secretaries of the 10 Ward Branches and the Labour Party elsewhere.

Like most CLP Secretaries, Alan does lots of other things as well!

John Saunders, Treasurer

John is a retired University lecturer and former Newham Councillor.

John Gray, Vice Chair (Campaigns and Communications) John Gray at UNISON Labour Link

John is a Housing worker and local Councillor as well as a trade union activist.

To contact any member of the committee, please email westhamlabour@gmail.com


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