Happy International Women’s Day Eve!


West Ham Labour Women's IWD Flyer- New venue!

Please join us next Tuesday 13th March as we celebrate International Women’s Day with Sarah Green, the Director of End Violence Against women Coalition. Kick off will be 7:30pm, at West Ham Labour HQ, 306 High Street, Stratford E15. The closest tube station is Stratford Station and Stratford High Street. Please let me know if you have any accessibility requirements. Please feel free to arrive before for some networking and drinks.

Please feel free to arrive before for some networking and drinks.

Encourage her to stand!!!

Yesterday you all should have received an email from London Labour Party announcing that they are re-opening the selection process to women in Newham. We desperately need more women on Newham Council. If you’re eligible ( to apply you need to be a woman, a paid-up member since at least 1 January 2016 and resident in Newham since at least 1 January 2017.)  Please do consider standing and encourage your local Labour sister to apply. If you have any questions about the process please do drop me a message.

We also have our Annual General Meeting (AGM) coming up after the local elections in May (some branches will be holding their AGMs after the elections too) At an AGM you’ll be electing branch/forum officers as well as nominating officers for West Ham Constituency Party. All positions are up for elections. If you haven’t been notified of your AGM yet please let me know and I can put you in touch with the secretary.

As Women’s Officer it is part of my responsibility to encourage gender equality in the CLP as well as encourage sisters to be more active in the party whether that’s coming out campaigning, attending branch and CLP meetings or standing for positions. Here is some more information

Branch/Forum  Officer Positions

There are 4 positions and at least 4 of the officers shall be women. There is no reason why job share can’t be introduced if you have caring responsibilities.

Branch Chair

Branch Vice-Chair- in West Ham Ward we had to lovely members job share this position

Branch Secretary

Branch Treasurer

Branch Organiser – for organising campaigning and leafletting sessions. This is going to be a key position in helping us get Sadiq Khan elected as London Mayor

General Committee Delegate (GC) Positions:

The GC plans and coordinates our local Labour activity and meets on the 4th Thursday of the month. All party members are welcome to attend, but only delegates are able to vote on issues put to the GC.

The Secretary is automatically a delegate, plus one man and one woman per 25 members or part thereof.

Executive Committee Delegate (EC) Positions:

One position amongst GC delegates

Nominations for West Ham West Ham CLP position

CLP Chair

CLP Vice Chair of Campaigns

CLP Vice Chair of Membership

CLP Secretary

CLP Treasurer

CLP Women’s Officer

Community Involvement Coordinator

Trade Union Liaison Coordinator

Political Education & Training Coordinator

Equalities Coordinator

Fund Raising Coordinator

Information Technology Coordinator

Local Campaign Forum delegates (10 positions)

Forum/Affiliated Groups to the CLP

All Forums and Affiliated groups will follow a similar election as above. Holding an election for:

Forum Officer positions

Two GC delegates and one EC delegate

Nominating members to West Ham CLP positions

West Ham Women’s Forum – AGM to be held after the local election

West Ham Youth Forum– TBC Please contact Karl Lewis, Youth Coordinator: karldavidlewis@aol.co.uk 

Trade Unions– Please contact either you local trade union officer or  Kim Silvers the Trade Union Liaison for more information: kim.silver@newham.gov.uk

Socialist Affiliated Groups 

Fabians– TBC Please contact Rohit Das Gupta: rhit_svu@hotmail.com

Christians on the Left– Clive Furness: clivefurness@hotmail.com

Have a lovely week and I look forward to seeing you on next Tuesday!

In sisterhood + solidarity,

Warmest wishes,



Newham Labour Trigger Ballot Re-run for Mayor timetable

West Ham Mayoral trigger timetable 2018 2nd

East Ham Mayoral Trigger timetable 2018 2nd

Newham Mayoral trigger

Please reserve the above date if you are eligible to vote.

The freeze date is the same as the original vote – 25 October 2016. This means that to take part, members must have joined the Labour Party before 25 April 2016 and have been a member in Newham at 25 October 2016. You should have received an email invite if you are eligible to vote in this process.  

Watch this space for further details! (Christians on the Left TBC)


West Ham Labour Party January 2018 update – want to get fit and lose weight? Go canvassing!

West Ham Labour newsletter 3.1.17

Dear Members

I hope that everyone had a refreshing break and are now ready to get involved and active in the local and national party.

West Hammers News

Newham Councillor Candidate’s selection meeting & Mayoral Trigger

There is still no date set for Councillors’ selections. We will let you know as soon as we find out from the London Labour Regional office. You may have noticed a newspaper report that the Newham Directly Elected Mayor, Robin Wales, believes that there will be a rerun of his selection process. So be prepared to be called to your branch or affiliate meetings to participate in both processes (if eligible to vote)

Friday 5 January. Newham Fabians. You have to have renewed your local membership by this day to participate in the AGM on Wednesday 24 Jan. See details below.

Monday 8 January 7.30pm West Ham CLP BAME at 306 High Street, Stratford E15 1AJ

Solidarity Saturday – 20 January!
Do you want to make a difference and help Labour win in the new marginal seat of Chingford? Check out Saturday 20 January below.

Donations for Grenfell
Like so many others, Labour Party members were horrified by the terrible events of the fire at Grenfell tower six months ago. We were particularly struck by the immediate needs of the survivors, who were left without a home, having lost family members and neighbours, and without any possessions.

After speaking to donation centres about what was needed, Seyi Akiwowo, Rokhsana Fiaz and Rachel Tripp put out a call for donations for the survivors on the 14th June 2017. We were so thankful for support from CoffeE7 who kindly made their room upstairs available as a drop-off point.. Read more here

All future campaign and event dates (check web site for updates)

Thursday 4 January 6.30pm Forest Gate North canvass meet outside Forest Gate Tavern E7 (before ward meeting) John Gray organiser 07432 150 530

Thursday 4 January. The Mayor, Robin Wales, is speaking to first Stratford & Newtown branch meeting then Forest Gate North on the London Stadium. Branch members should contact their secretaries for timings.

Monday 8 January 7.30pm West Ham CLP BAME at 306 High Street, Stratford E15 1AJ. Meeting to discuss Labour Party Democracy review and decide upon a possible submission (needs to be in by 12 January). Apologies for lack of notice. All welcome. Contact West Ham BAME Officer Anam Islam, Email:Anamul.Islam.30@gmail.com

Tuesday 9 January strike & picket outside Cumberland school from 8.00 am outside the school gates. On strike to protect the children’s education from privatisation. Oban Close, E13 8SJ

Thursday 11 January 6pm-6:45pm West Ham Branch canvass/Petition on social housing. Meet Plaistow station E13 (before ward meeting

Saturday 13 January at 11am Plaistow North canvassing session on meeting at Plaistow station E13 contact Daniel or Mehmood.

Sunday 14 January 11.30 Forest Gate North Canvass 1pm (sharp) outside Forest Gate Tavern E7 9BB

Wednesday 24 January Newham Fabians AGM Main : 7.30pm – 9pm
Venue: Main Hall, Durning Hall, Earlham Grove, London E7 9AB. Contact Rohit K Dasgupta, rhit_svu@hotmail.com (note you will have been told if eligible to vote)

Wednesday 17 January. Custom House New Year Social. Save date. Contact Cllr Rokhsana Fiaz OBE rokhsanafiaz@yahoo.co.uk for further details.

Saturday 20 January – 11am “Solidarity Saturday” with comrades in Chingford doing their best to get rid of IDS. Meet outside Chingford War Memorial, 3 Old Church Road, E4 6SJ. It takes about 25/30 minutes to drive or cycle from Stratford. Buses 97, 158, 215, 357, 385, 397, 444, W16. contact John Gray 07432 150 530 or Alan Griffiths if you want a lift

Newham Lifts 10.20am Clova Rd junction Atherton Rd; Henniker Rd junction Leytonstone Rd; Dawn Crescent junction Bridge Rd; Bull Rd junction Plaistow Rd).

Saturday 20 January 20 – 1100 am to 1 pm. Canvass Plaistow South Meeting at Plaistow Library E13 9HL. Organiser Neil Wilson 0789 653 9001

CANCELLED DUE TO TRIGGER BALLOT Monday 22 January 7pm-8.30pm Branch Officer Training306 High Street, Stratford E15 1AJ. Roles & responsibilities of Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer & Social Secretary. Sharing good practice. Organisers Carol Buxton/John Whitworth jhnwhitworth@yahoo.co.uk

Thursday 25th January – West Ham CLP GC, 306 High Street, Stratford E15 – Visiting Speaker Nia Griffths, Shadow Defence Secretary

Saturday 27 January 11.15 West Ham Ward canvass meet ATL Café, 125 Plaistow Road E15 3ET. Organisers david.e.christie@gmail.com and jhnwhitworth@yahoo.co.uk

Sunday January 28th 2.00pm to 4.00 pm Plaistow South Canvass at Plaistow Library E13 9HL Organiser Neil Wilson 0789 653 9001

CANCELLED DUE TO TRIGGER BALLOT Tuesday 30 January. IT training for Branch Secretaries & others interested. 7-8.30pm. Vicarage Lane Community Centre, Govier Close, E15. To include methods for sending out bulk messages/attachments etc. organised by Shaban Mohammed/jhnwhitworth@yahoo.co.uk

Sunday 4th February. West Ham CLP trip to Tate Britain. Exhibition “RED STAR OVER RUSSIA A REVOLUTION IN VISUAL CULTURE 1905–55” (but entry fee).
Party members are encouraged to use sustainable transport options. The Jubilee Line is running, and is ordinarily accessible. We will meet at the Westfield exit for Stratford Station at 10.30am where many will cycle to Tate Britain along a safe, mostly segregated route. There is a santander cycle stand near the meeting point.

Sunday 11 February 11am ATL Café, 125 Plaistow Road E15 3ET. Organisers  jhnwhitworth@yahoo.co.uk (more dates to follow)

Monday 26 February 7pm Newham Full Council Meeting, East Ham Town Hall E6</

Surveys & Petitions

West Ham CLP members are also asked to support these surveys and petitions that are still live.

Bookmakers target people who can’t afford to lose their money on these machines”
Our MP Lyn Brown asks you to support her call to curb the blight being caused to our community by Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBT) and take part in the government consultation. Check out further information https://westhamlabour.org/2017/12/11/west-ham-clp-member-fixed-odd-betting-terminal-fobt-consultation-call-for-action/</

“In response to years of Newham’s campaigning the Government has now launched a consultation survey which might lead to these terrible FOBT machine stakes being reduced. But we need to make sure that gambling industry lobby don’t dominate the responses, which is why we would appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to respond to the survey online by clicking this link.https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/3XGGFP7</

Newham Council: More Social Housing in Plaistow Petition
West Ham Ward ask you to support their online petition on a controversial planning application. See Canvass/Petition . So please share with all your Newham friends and family: http://chn.ge/2iq4UKb</

If you are interested in Planning policy then Newham Council is also undergoing a review of its #LocalPlan Proposed Submission is open until the 16th January, so have your say! www.newham.gov.uk/planningconsultations” (warning this is heavy going but important)

Marked Register data inputting
If you have some time to spare then contact our CLP secretary alangriffiths_per@yahoo.co.uk to volunteer to help us input the “Marked Register” data from the General Election into Labour Party records. He will explain if contacted.

We look forward to seeing you at future events and campaigns!

John Gray
Vice Chair (Campaigns and Comms) West Ham CLP
westhamlabour@gmail.com t @westhamlabour f westhamlabour w westhamlabour.org

West Ham Labour Campaign & Events update: 17 November 2017

West Ham Labour Logo

Dear Member

I hope you can help out and enjoy these political and social events. Don’t worry if you have never been knocking on doors for Labour. We will explain things and support you at every stage.

Labour in power: what can Labour councils do?

Have your say in Newham Labour’s Campaign for 2018 

19.30 – 21.30, Tuesday 28th November

Venue: 306 Stratford High Street, London E15 1AJ

West Ham Constituency Labour Party (CLP) is pleased to invite you to an information sharing, discussion and social event on Tuesday between 19.30 and 21.30 on Tuesday 28th November.

1. Labour in power – what can Labour councils do? Cllr Sarah Hayward (former leader of Camden Council) will talk about the possibilities for Labour councils to transform and improve their local communities.

2. Cllr. David Christie, who is coordinating the project management of the 2018 Newham Labour Manifesto – which will form the policy platform that our candidates will be standing on – will talk about the process of drafting and agreeing the manifesto and will hear from members about their priorities for Labour in Newham; and

3.Cllr Charlene McLean (West Ham CLP Chair)
We know that many members won’t have been involved in selecting Labour candidates or helping to shape a manifesto before, and we want to make sure you really do have your say in your local Labour Party. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been a member, if you haven’t been a meeting before or for a long time, or whether you are a regular attender at your local Branch meetings – we’d love to see you on Tuesday 28th November at 306 Stratford High Street, London E15 1AJ.

PS. We know winter nights can be cold and miserable, so refreshments will be provided. We look forward to seeing you there!

[Please note this event was originally planned for the 21st November – so many apologies if you have received a notice for this date.]

Other campaigning & social activities in the CLP

Saturday 18th November; 11.30am; Custom House Library, Prince Regents Lane, E16 3JJ. Canvass. Contact: Rokhsana Fiaz, Custom House.

Sunday 19th November; 11.00am; FG Rail Station E7 0NF; Canvassing and calling on existing members; R. Tripp; rec.tripp@gmail.com Forest Gate North.

Sunday, November 19th 2.00pm to 4 pm, Barking Road Community Centre, 627 – 633, Barking Road, E13 9EZ. Canvass. Plaistow South.

Sunday 19th November; 11.00; Sainsbury’s Local, East Village, (E20 1DB); Canvassing and leafleting; Contact: Karl Lewis on karldavidlewis@aol.co.uk Stratford and New Town.
Tuesday 21 November 7pm Newham Trades Council – Guest Speaker: Matt Wrack. General Secretary FBU Black Lion Pub E13

Friday 24 November 7pm Newham Fabians meeting Seb Dance MEP will be speaking. Eat16 Cafe in St Luke’s Centre (Canning Town).

Saturday 25 November. National Campaign Day.

11.15 ATL cafe, Plaistow Road, E13 3ET, West Ham Ward Contact David Christy
1 pm Canning Town South Ward Canvasing Meeting corner Munday and Victoria Dock Road (Adjacent to steps Royal Victoria DLR). Contact Terry Paul

11-1pm Street Staff, near Forest Gate Railway station contact Carel

Sunday 26 November 11.00 – 1pm, meet outside Nisa Local, 53 Freemason Road, E16 3PJ. Canvass. Custom House
Friday 1 December 6pm Pentonville 5 Event, East Ham Working Man’s Club, E6 1QE, Greater London Trade Councils

Saturday 2 December 11am PN Canvass meet Plaistow Station E13. Contact Daniel or Mehmood.

Saturday 2 December Forest Gate North Winter Social 7.30pm email Carel on xubcb@yahoo.com or https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/forest-gate-north-winter-social-tickets-39726073756?aff=ebdsorderfblightbox

Thursday 7 December. West Ham & Plaistow North Branch Xmas Social. Vicarage Lane Community Centre, E15 4HW. All members welcome. Bring drink and food.

Saturday 9 December & Sunday 10 December branch hustings for local Councillor Candidates (POSTPONED UNTIL NEW YEAR BY LONDON REGION)

Saturday 9 December  canvass meet outside Old Town Hall, E15 4BQ at 10.30am organiser

Thursday 14th December – Newham Compass debate: “What should the Left be doing about Brexit?” at East Ham Working Men’s Club, Boleyn Road E6 1QE at 7.30 pm. Stephen Timms MP & Gordon Murray of the SNP are the speakers. Contact owenseaster@gmail.com for details.

We look forward to seeing you!
John Gray
Vice Chair (Campaigns and Comms) West Ham CLPe westhamlabour@gmail.com

West Ham Labour Campaign, Events & Social Update (1 November 2017)


I hope you can help out and enjoy these political and social events. Don’t worry if you have never been knocking on doors for Labour. We will explain things and support you at every stage“. John Gray, West Ham CLP Vice Chair Campaigns

Saturday 4 November 10.30-12.30 Thurrock Car pickups in CLP 9:50am for 10:00am departure (TBC Check out West Ham Labour Website) or take train from West Ham at 10.03 to arrive South Ockendon at 10.22. Meet Canterbury Parade carpark off of West Road. South Ockendon RM15 6NJ. Contact alangriffiths_per@yahoo.co.uk

Car Lifts on 4th November for “solidarity Saturday” in Thurrock. Meet below 09:50 am for 10.00 am departure.

Near Plaistow Station:  Corner of Plaistow Road and Bull Road. With Mehmood Mirza    (07916 344575)

Near Stratford High Street DLR station: corner of Bridge Street and Dawn Crescent  with Alan Griffiths (07773 884339)

Near Atherton Leisure Centre:  corner of Atherton Road and Clova Road. With Alan Griffiths (Alan Griffiths)

Near Henniker Point: corner of Leytonstone Road and Henniker Road   With John Gray            (07432 150530)

Saturday 4 November 12 noon at Moka House Canning Town E16 1EH Labourparty.canningtownnorth@hotmail.co.uk

Saturday 4 November  2-4pm Canning Town Library E16 1EH West Ham Labour BAME network & Newham Fabians contact anamul.islam.30@gmail.com

Thursday 9 November 6pm Vicarage Lane Community Centre, E15. West Ham Canvass before ward meeting. Contact  John.Gray2012@icloud.com

Saturday November 11 1100 am to 1 00pm Barking Road Community Centre, Canvass. 627- 633 Barking Rd, London E13 9EZ Plaistow South contact TBC check West Ham Labour Website

Saturday 11 November, 11.30am – 1.30pm meet outside Custom House Canvass. Library, Prince Regent Lane E16 3JJ. contact to be confirmed TBC check West Ham Labour Website

Monday 13 November 7:30pm West Ham Black History Season Labour Women’s Forum and Newham African and Caribbean Network Guest speaker Paula Perry at West Ham Labour HQ, 306 High Street, Stratford, E15. Contact Seyiakiwowo@gmail.com

Tuesday 14 November – New members event at at West Ham Labour HQ, 306 High Street, Stratford, E15 TBC

Saturday 18th November; 11.30am; FG Rail Station E7 0NF; Canvassing and calling on existing members; Contact rec.tripp@gmail.com; Forest Gate North

Sunday, November 19th 2.00pm to 4 pm, Barking Road Community Centre,  Plaistow South.Canvass. 627 – 633, Barking Road, E13 9EZ  Contact TBC check West Ham Labour Website

Sunday 19th November; 11.30; Sainsbury’s Local, East Village, (E20 1DB); Canvassing and leafleting; Contact karldavidlewis@aol.co.uk; Stratford and New Town.

Saturday 25 November. National Campaign Day. To be confirmed Contact John.Gray2012@icloud.com

Saturday 25 & 26 November London Regional Conference, Congress Centre, 28 Great Russell St, WC1B 3LS.

Sunday 26 November 11.00 – 1pm, Custom House Canvass. meet outside Nisa Local, 53 Freemason Road, E16 3PJ Custom House Contact TBC check West Ham Labour Website

Saturday 9 December & Sunday 10 December branch hustings & selections for local Councillor Candidates.

Friday 15 December – Newham Co-operative Party Christmas Social & Centenary Party tbc

West Ham Women’s Forum’s and Newham African and Caribbean Network celebrate UK Black History Month with Paula Perry

NCCA &amp; Women's Forum BHM e-Flyer


Monday 13th November, 7:30pm at West Ham Labour HQ, 306 High Street, Stratford, E15.

West Ham Labour Women’s Forum and Newham African and Caribbean Network (Newham ACN) will be hosting a joint event to celebrate Black History season and learn about British Black History. There will be a presentation, Q&A and drinks afterwards.

Copies of Paula Perry’s book will be available to purchase on the night for £12, do bring cash and paypal payments are accepted.

All Labour Party members, supporters and friends are welcome! Please spread the word!

West Ham Labour Campaign, Events & Social Update

custom house 2017

“I hope you can help out and enjoy these political and social events. Don’t worry if you have never been knocking on doors for Labour. We will explain things and support you at every stage”.

Saturday 21st October; 11.30am; FG Station, E7 0NF; Street Stall; Carel Buxton; xubcb@yahoo.com; Forest Gate North
Sunday 22 October; 11am; Stratford Station (Westfield entrance); Political Education & Social; Daniel Blaney and juliannemarriott@me.com ; CLP (Everyone is welcome including friends and family.) London Docklands Museum visit E14 4AL. either bike or tube.

Sunday 22 October; 11am; Nisa Local, 53 Freemasons Rd, E16 3PJ; Canvass; rokhsanafiaz@yahoo.co.uk or Najma Saher: Custom House; (Custom House DLR stn closed, use Royal Victoria DLR a 7 min walk)

Monday 23 October;  7.30pm
 Newham Labour Group 2018 Fundraising; 7.30pm Newham Labour Group 2018 Fundraising; An evening of live music, entertainment with  fish and chips’ supper (vegetarian option is available) for members to enjoy.  It’s a great opportunity to network and meet Labour party members from across Newham.  Final details of the evening are being finalised but it will include:

* Guest Speaker * Entertainment * Live Music * Traditional British Fish and Chips super (vegetarian option available) * Bar available * Prizes

Places are very limited and bookings are on a strictly first come basis so reserve your seat now. Fish and Chips option is automatic so please indicate clearly if you want the veg option (vegetarian pizza & chips) by email to mas.patel@outlook.com

(have some dosh ready for some really good auction offers donated by our West Ham MP, Lyn Brown)

Wednesday 25th October, 7:30pm at Theatre Royal Stratford. Newham African Caribbean Network are having Black History Month drinks.

Thursday October 26th at 7.30: Newham Compass Adult Social Care – “Quality vs Cash?” East Ham Working men’s Club, Boleyn Road, E6.

Saturday 28th October; 10.30am; Tesco Express, Stratford High Street, (E15 2NE); Canvassing and leafleting; karldavidlewis@aol.co.uk; Stratford and New Town.

Saturday 28th October Meet at 11:15 for an 11:30 start at the ATL Café, 125 Plaistow Road E15. West Ham ward. organiser tbc.

Saturday 28th October 1pm meeting point is Keir Hardie Methodist Church, Plymouth Road, Canning Town @1300hrs. Terry Paul organiser

Sunday 29th October – Sunday Night Live & Newham Fabians screening docu-portrait of Labour politician Dennis Skinner‘Nature of the Beast’.  5pm Jerrys Kitchen, E15 click here to register

Friday 3rd November; 7pm; TBC; Social Evening; C.Buxton; xubcb@yahoo.com; Forest Gate North
Saturday 4 November tbc Thurrock to be confirmed West Hm CLP

Saturday 11 November; 11.30; FG Station E7 0NF; Canvassing and calling on existing members. Seyiakiwowo@gmail.com; Forest Gate Nort

Saturday 11th November, 11.30am – 1.30pm meet outside Custom House Library, Prince Regent Lane E16 3JJ. contact to be confirmed.

Saturday 18th November; 11.30am; FG Rail Station E7 0NF; Canvassing and calling on existing members; R. Tripp; rec.tripp@gmail.com; Forest Gate North

Sunday 19th November; 11.30; Sainsbury’s Local, East Village, (E20 1DB); Canvassing and leafleting; karldavidlewis@aol.co.uk; Stratford and New Town.

Saturday 25 November. National Campaign Day. To be confirmed

Sunday 26 November 11.00 – 1pm, Custom House meet outside Nisa Local, 53 Freemason Road, E16 3PJ Custom House

Saturday 9 December & Sunday 10 December branch hustings & selections for local Councillor Candidates.

Friday 15 December – Newham Co-operative Party Christmas Social & Centenary Party tbc

“Dozens pay their respects to war victims killed when a bomb hit their bus”

Newham record main image

Hat tip Newham Recorder  “Cllr and members of the public attending a vigil on Dames Road where a V1 flying bomb landed killing people on a bus outside the Holly Tree pub


newham recorder below

The event, organised by Forest Gate North Labour Party, was held at the site of the 1944 blast outside The Hollytree Pub in Dames Road.

It is thought around 20 people died in the explosion, although no reliable record exists because wartime press censorship stopped much detail being published in order to limit the information available to the enemy about attacks.

Cllr Seyi Akiwowo, one of the organisers of Thursday’s event, said: “The event was fantastic. It was put together at short notice and there was a good turnout. I’m glad we were able to pay our respects.”

In his speech at the vigil, Cllr Anam Islam said: “Now, just as then, the price we pay for liberty is eternal vigilance against racism and prejudice.”

West Ham MP Lyn Brown, who was unable to attend the event, told of its importance.

She said: “It is right and important that we commemorate those who perished or lost loved ones in the fight against fascism, and just as important that we remember the anti-fascist and anti-racist heritage of the East End with pride.

“Levels of racist, Islamophobic, and anti-Semitic hate crime have all risen over the past year, and it is important we draw on this past to bring us together and renew the fight against far-right ideology and its terrible effects. That aim will be easier to achieve if we have a more accurate narrative of what actually happened.”

Eyewitness Cyril Demarne is quoted in The Heroic Story of the Second World War Bomb Disposal Teams by James Owen as saying: “A trolley bus, crammed with home going workers, had caught the full blast and the whole area was a sickening sight.

“Dismembered bodies littered the roadway, others were splattered over the brickwork of the houses across the way and the wreckage of the trolley bus was simply too ghastly to describe.

“The lower deck seated passengers were all dead. Although many of the victims had been decapitated, they were still sitting down, as if waiting to have their fares collected.”

(the V1 flying Bomb landed just outside Newham but much of the bomb damage and deaths were inside modern Forest Gate. A 80 year old local resident who remembered being told about the attack pointed out to us the exact impact. The death toil was at least 38 and probably much more)



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