Get involved


C_uhVn-XgAIwKGHIf you are reading our blog and would like to get more involved, this page has some information about how you can do just that.

Are you a Labour party member? If not, why not join us? Being an active Labour member is a great way to contribute to your local area, meet new friends, and get involved with what we do. You can see on this site some of the different things we do, from canvassing to meetings, to social events. We would love to have you with us.

If you’re already a Labour party member, but haven’t done much locally recently (or at all) then now is a great time to get involved. We are working hard in preparation for a possible General election as well as the local elections in May 2018 and every single pair of hands is much appreciated.

If you don’t know where to start, why not:

– go to your next local ward meeting?
Ward meetings are a great way to meet fellow members who live very locally to you. They are often small meetings, sometimes very informal,  in a venue that will almost certainly be close to you.
– come along to the General Committee?
The General Committee is made up of members from across the constituency. It is a great way to meet activists from a wider area, and to find out more about all the things that are happening in West Ham Labour.
– come canvassing?
You are always very welcome to come along and lend a hand at any canvassing sessions, either in your own ward or anywhere else. Canvassing is normally lively and sociable, and a good way to combine contributing to the cause with meeting people.

Or drop us an email and we can welcome you into the fold.




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