Meetings and contacts

NB – there will be no Labour party meetings during the local election campaign – the next CLP and ward meetings will take place after the 3rd May 2018. Contact your ward secretary for more details.

All members meeting (GC)

We have a monthly meeting (called General Committee or GC) which are usually open to all members (7.30pm, 4th Thurs of the month at 306 Stratford High St, E15 1AJ except Aug and Dec). We usually have speakers followed by a lively Q&A and an update by Lyn Brown MP.

Ward meetings and contact details:

Each ward normally meets once a month (except August). Details of when they meet is below. If you are a member you should receive emails from your ward secretary letting you know when and where the meetings are. If you do not receive these, please email us and we will put you in touch.

You can find out which ward you’re in here.

Custom House, 3rd Wednesday of each month
Branch secretary: Najma Sahar

Canning Town North, 2nd Thursday
Branch secretary: Shaban Mohammed

Canning Town South, 2nd Thursday
Branch secretary: Elizabeth Booker

Forest Gate North, 1st Thursday
Branch secretary: Carel Buxton

Forest Gate South, 1st Thursday
Branch secretary: Mas Patel

Plaistow North, 1st Thursday
Branch secretary: Tahmina Rahman

Plaistow South, 1st Thursday
Branch secretary: Richard Stevenson

Green Street West, 3rd Wednesday
Branch secretary: Hanif Abdulmuhit

Stratford and Newtown, 1st Thursday
Branch secretary: John Saunders

West Ham, 1st Thursday
Branch secretary: John Whitworth


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