National Executive Committee elections

There are six ‘CLP’ positions on the NEC (Labour’s governing body). These members are elected by Labour party members to represent ‘ordinary’ members.

We’ve been contacted by a number of people standing for NEC asking West Ham CLP to nominate them (there will also be an all member vote – more info here). Below is information from those candidates – however because that info has been sent to us in varying formats (and varying lengths) its not been possible in every case to replicate that info exactly. And if we don’t have your info here please send it to us.

The candidates are listed below, and then their info is below the list:

Ann Black
Bex Bailey
Christine Shawcroft
Darren Williams
Eddie Izzard
Ellie Reeves
John Gallagher
Luke Akehurst
Parmjit Dhanda
Pete Willsman
Peter Wheeler

Ann Black

Hello, and good wishes for the New Year

Party Reform, Again

Next week NEC working groups and committees will start meeting again after the break. My hope is that new, returning and long-serving members will unite, respecting the clear mandate given to Jeremy Corbyn and Tom Watson and taking the fight to the Tories, UKIP, the SNP and the rest. With elections in Scotland, Wales, London and England, and a likely referendum on the European Union, there is much to do.

Angela Eagle, Chair of the national policy forum, will lead what seems like the umpteenth review of policy-making since the current system was established in 1997. As well as the balance of powers between the NEC, the NPF and the party conference, I am interested in what you consider the most important policy areas, and also in the role of direct consultation with members via e-mail, pioneered by Jeremy Corbyn for prime minister’s questions and before the vote on Syria. Should this be developed further, and if so, how?

NEC Elections

This year the six constituency places on the NEC are up for election. I shall be standing again, and I am asking if you and your local party will support me. I’ve attached a personal statement for circulation by e-mail, and can post hard copies on request.

The deadline for nominations is Friday 24 June 2016, but with the focus on campaigning you may want to discuss this sooner rather than later. Constituency secretaries can submit nominations at

I believe I’ve shown my commitment to communication, to accountability and to representing your views over the last sixteen years, but as always, you will tell me what I can do better.

You are welcome to contact me at , 07956-637958, 88 Howard Street, Oxford OX4 3BE with questions or comments on policy, organisation, campaigning or anything else.

With best wishes


Bex Bailey

Dear Alan,

I’m standing for Labour’s National Executive Committee to fight for a more equal Labour Party, where everyone is able to get involved.

I am delighted to be one of the first candidates officially on the ballot and I’d really appreciate it if you would consider putting me forward and nominating me at your local party’s next meeting. You can find my leaflet here and I would be grateful if you could circulate it to members.

I’m 24, from Nottingham and I joined Labour because I believe in a more equal society. Just as the Labour Party champions equality at election time, so too we must practice this internally in our party.

I’ve served on the NEC as the youth representative for three years, in which time I haven’t stopped fighting for members and for equality. I have made selections fairer, ensured women’s voices aren’t cut out of conferences and fought for a comprehensive sexual harassment complaints policy. I have helped young women get involved and helped hundreds of young members join us in fighting the Tories.

I have made progress but there is still a long way to go. On the NEC I will fight for:
a meaningful say in policy for ALL members;
a comprehensive sexual harassment and bullying policy;
better opportunities for women, ethnic minority, disabled and LGBT members;
regional representation on the NEC so big decisions aren’t just taken in London;
more working class candidates by making selections fairer; and
a party united around our values of social justice, solidarity and equality that can beat the Tories.
I would really appreciate your support in doing this, and my leaflet goes into more detail about me and my aims. I would be really grateful if you could let me know when your CLP is planning to nominate and also circulate my material at the meeting.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or if you would like me to visit your CLP.

Best wishes,


Christine Shawcroft

A voice for you on the NEC

I have been a constituency member of the National Executive Committee, supported by the Centre Left Grassroots Alliance, for 17 years this year. I’ve been a Party member for 40 years – although I’m thinking of demanding a recount! I have been a councillor, a Parliamentary candidate, a CLP secretary and am currently secretary of my branch in Nottingham South. I am a founder member of a workers’ co-operative day nursery, and a member of the NUT.

True Labour values

As a proud supporter of Jeremy Corbyn, I have campaigned for many years for the true Labour values of public ownership, workers’ rights, job creation, affordable housing, decent pensions, and an end to international conflict and weapons of mass destruction. I have raised these issues many times on the NEC and the National Policy Forum.

On many occasions, myself and other CLGA delegates, as well as delegates in other sections of the NEC, told Ed Miliband that he needed to take on the Tories over the myth that Labour in Government wrecked the economy. Unfortunately he didn’t listen.

Democracy and transparency

I have also tried to raise other issues of concern to constituency members, especially their rights to put resolutions to Annual Conference, and their right to take an active part in their Conference. We have managed to cut out a lot of the videos and sofa discussions which turned our Conference into a stage managed rally, and increased the opportunities for rank and file delegates to take part.

I have campaigned against the parachuting in of candidates for parliamentary and council elections, and in favour of members’ right to choose their own representatives and hold them to account. I am now trying to get to the bottom of various membership rejections, suspensions and branch closures around the country. This is not the way to build a mass Party.

On the doorstep

As well as campaigning during the last general election in my own constituency and target seats in the East Midlands, I helped out in South Thanet to defeat the odious Nigel Farage. Having also got frozen to the bone and soaked to the skin canvassing for Jim McMahon in Oldham, I am committed to getting our message out on the doorstep!

There is a real hunger in the country for straight talking and honest politics. We saw that with Jeremy’s overwhelming victory in the Leadership election. People need to know that the Labour Party stands up for equality and social justice.

We also have to reframe the debate and counter the right wing media. All of us get some kind of benefits at some time of our lives, that doesn’t make us scroungers and skivers. Nor does a refusal to get into bed with multi-national corporations, or demand they pay their fair share of tax, make us anti-business. I co-own and run a small business myself. Many people have done this as other job prospects have dried up. We need a Labour Government run by Jeremy Corbyn as much as anybody!

A lot done, a lot still to do!

We would like to thank all members for the support which has made the CLGA delegates so effective on the NEC. Now we have to mobilise the Party in support of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. Please nominate and vote for myself, Ann Black, Ken Livingstone, Claudia Webbe, Darren Williams and Pete Willsman. There are six constituency seats on the NEC; with CLGA delegates in all of them we can make sure that the voice of the constituency party members is never ignored again.

Thank you!


Darren Williams

Dear CLP Secretary

I wish to stand as a candidate in this year’s elections to Labour’s National Executive Committee and am therefore seeking nominations from constituency parties.

I attach a letter that summarises my experience in the party and my reasons for standing and I should be grateful if you would bring this to the attention of your GMC.

Please let me know if you would like any further information, or if you would like me to send you some hard copies of the letter.

Many thanks


Eddie Izzard

Dear CLP Secretary

I am putting myself forward to be a Constituency representative on the NEC. Please find attached my election leaflet. 

I’d be grateful if you would circulate this leaflet to members ahead of the nomination meeting in your CLP. I’ve travelled the country campaigning for Labour for the last ten years and have met many activists and members along the way. I’m keen to take the next step and represent you and other Labour members on the NEC.  

If your CLP hasn’t held a nomination meeting yet I’d be grateful if you’d let me know when this will be. If your constituency has nominated I’d be grateful if you’d share my leaflet with members before ballots are sent out later in the year. 

Thanks very much for your consideration. If you have any questions please do just get in touch. 

Very best wishes


Ellie Reeves

Message from Ellie Reeves
A voice for grassroots members on the National Executive Committee

Dear CLP Secretary

I am writing to you in your role as the local constituency Labour Party Secretary.

As you are aware nominations have now opened for this year’s NEC elections and I am therefore asking members to support my re-election.

Please click on the link below to see a copy of my re-election leaflet and I would be extremely grateful if you could distribute it to your members at the next GC/EC meetings.

As I state in the leaflet it has been a privilege and a great honour to serve grassroots members on the NEC for 10 years and I hope you and your members will take the time to read my leaflet and consider supporting my nomination.

If you, or any members in the CLP have any questions or issues that you would like to bring to my attention please do not hesitate to contact me.

I really appreciate your support.

Yours sincerely


Luke Akehurst

Dear CLP Secretary,

I am writing to ask for your CLP’s support in this year’s election for the six CLP seats on the Labour Party National Executive Committee (NEC) and for my request (in the form of the leaflet/letter here – to be tabled at the CLP meeting where you consider nominations. I would be grateful if you could reply to let me know the date of this meeting.

I have just received a full list of CLP Secretaries as the Labour Party has confirmed I am a validly nominated candidate. I am therefore seeking further supporting nominations.

This summer Labour Party members will elect the six CLP representatives on the NEC. I’ve stood – and in 2010 won – before but it has never felt as though so much is at stake for the future of the party we all love.

We only get six voices dedicated solely to representing members’ interests on an NEC of 33 members. It is vital that we choose the strongest team possible, particularly as the NEC is currently balanced on a knife-edge between the Hard Left and more moderate members.

Labour is in a mess. It needs strong people with mainstream politics on the NEC to try to turn things round. The election result was a catastrophe where we lost seats and were wiped out in Scotland despite five years of Tory cuts and the collapse of the Lib Dems. Instead of listening to the tough message voters were giving us about leadership and economic credibility, we have turned in on ourselves and lurched to the left, away from ordinary voters, not least the working class people we are supposed to represent.

I did huge amounts of phone canvassing for Labour in marginal seats in the General Election including Reading West, Milton Keynes South, Dover, Thanet South and Southampton Itchen. We have to win these seats to form a government. Voters there gave us a very clear message and it was not that we needed a narrower, more leftwing Labour Party.

We desperately need a broad-based, united Labour Party with realistic, credible policies, and a total focus on winning the 2020 General Election, not indulging our own ideological dogmas.

If elected to the NEC I will ensure the leadership is held to account and given frank advice about what needs to be done to win in 2020.

I will fight against Hard Left factionalism whether that is opposing partisan rule changes, defending hard-working incumbent MPs and councillors from sectarian deselection bids, or stopping the Momentum faction from becoming a bridgehead back into the party for the entryist far left.

I’m asking for your support to return to the NEC and pick up where I left off in 2012 as a strong voice for transparency and accountability, Party democracy, upholding the rulebook, and moderate election-winning values and policies; and a proven grassroots campaigner with real experience of how the Party works, and how it can win, to bring to the table.

There is further information about my campaign on my website: and on this Facebook page:

Each CLP can nominate up to six candidates.

Nominations are open and do not close until Friday 24th June 2016 at 5pm. The election will be by a ballot of all members in summer 2016.

It would be extremely useful if you could email me with the date on which your CLP will be making its nominations, and inform me who has been nominated as soon as the meeting takes place.

If you are personally supporting my campaign, please do reply to let me know

Best wishes,


John Gallagher

Dear CLP Secretary,

As you are aware the nominations have now opened for this year’s NEC
elections and I intend to stand for election to the NEC, and I have
written a personal statement, attached to this email. I would be very
grateful if you would distribute it to your members at your branch and
executive meetings. I need a minimum of three CLPs including my own,
West Worcestershire, to support me so that I get on the ballot, and I am
confident in meeting that requirement from local CLPs. Furthermore, I am
looking for the support of as many CLPs as possible to have a chance of
succeeding in the ballot.

This is the first time I have sought election to the NEC, so I am
starting from scratch. My views, and what I consider are the important
issues that we must address to win the confidence of the electorate, are
outlined in my attached personal statement. The country needs a Labour
Government to be returned to power in 2020, and what I offer is a new
and distinctively different voice, which I believe will complement and
enhance the range of abilities on the NEC. Therefore, can I ask you for
your support please. If there are any issues or if you have any
questions you want to bring to my attention please contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Parmjit Dhanda

Dear CLP Secretary,
I am a candidate for Labour’s National Executive Committee, and have been fortunate enough to pick up enough nominations from around the country to make me eligible for a list of all CLP Secretaries. Hence this email to you, and my apologies if it seems a bit impersonal.
In advance of your next CLP meeting, I wanted to send you some information about myself. So please find a copy of my leaflet here, which I would be grateful if you could circulate to party colleagues

In short, I think the party needs NEC members who act as the reasoned voice of our party membership. We also need NEC members who understand the coalition of activists, affiliates, councillors and parliamentarians that make our party tick. As someone who has been a party activist for nearly 30 years, a CLP officer, a councillor, a former MP for a marginal seat and a minister, I have the experience to speak up for all members in the party. These days I work for a national trade union and serve as a trustee for a housing charity.
I hope you find the leaflet interesting and if you would like to hear more about my politics, here is a link to a recent TV interview I did.

Please do let me know when your CLP are planning on making their nominations and I would be honoured if you would consider nominating me.

Any questions please do get in touch



Pete Willsman

Dear Secretary,

NEC Constituency Section – Elections 2016

I am writing to your CLP to ask whether your members might consider giving me the privilege of nominating me for the constituency section for this year’s National Executive Committee elections (closing date for nominations is 24th June). Your CLP can make up to 6 nominations.

I am privileged to be a member of the NEC, representing CLPs and party members. For varying periods since 1981 I have uniquely served on all four of our Party’s National committees. I have used this experience to give help and advice to CLPs and party members in every region – I am only a phone call away. I am also very happy to visit CLPs and give a report – I have spoken at meetings in every region. For over 30 years I have been sending to every CLP my regularly updated 12 page Guide to Annual Conference and I send out regular NEC reports (NB. To assist CLPs, full reports of all NEC and NPF meetings are available at

We have a new leader, elected with a huge mandate, who has commitment, integrity and a basic decency that is quite exceptional. I worked with Jeremy in NUPE before he became an MP. I have never met anyone as dedicated. Party members want Jeremy to have a chance to show what he can do. The NEC is united behind Jeremy as he gets to grips with a very difficult job. We all need to work hard to convince every Labour MP that publicly attacking Jeremy in the hostile press and media boosts the Tories and harms our Party – the Party that put them in Parliament and to whom they owe their privileged position.

An effective and accountable NEC could and should play a vital role in the Party’s fight back, bringing together as it does, the CLPs, the unions and the Parliamentary leadership. My record proves I have the necessary commitment, determination and enthusiasm to play a full part in our drive to victory in England, Scotland and Wales up to 2020 and a majority Labour Government.

A PDF version of this email is attached here, which can be printed out.

Yours in comradeship,


Peter Wheeler

Dear Friend,

 Nominations have opened for elections to the Labour Party’s National Executive Committee.

 I am standing for election to ensure that the views of Labour members and supporters in every part of the country-from Scotland to Cornwall and Swansea to Norwich- are properly heard at the top levels of the Party. Too often the political discussion in our party ignores the issues which really matter to the people whose support we need.

 The NEC has a duty to ensure we have a strong campaigning party, capable of winning elections and getting our message, over in every part of the country.

 The recent massive increase in membership is a historic opportunity and we need to work hard to ensure these new members are welcomed and integrated into the party.

 The next few years will be crucial for the Labour Party as we seek to take the political argument to this government and make the case for a Labour alternative. It’s vital we have a NEC that will give a real lead to the party. That’s why I am asking for the support of your CLP in these elections.

I attach my leaflet and if you have any queries please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

 Best Wishes