West Ham Back on the Campaign Trail

FGN #NoMandate National Campaign Day 1.7.17

After a short break, members of Forest Gate North & West Ham Labour, led by our newly re-elected MP (with 77% of the vote) Lyn Brown, were back on the campaign trail. As well as the NHS demo in Central London, last Saturday was a Labour Party National Campaign Day, on Theresa May, having “No Mandate for Cuts”.

This was in the week that the Tories voted and cheered in Parliament on cutting yet again public sector pay,  while at the same time crying crocodile tears about the bravery of our Police, Fire & Ambulance service.

There was a superb response today in Forest Gate for Labour, including signing a petition about the Grenfell fire and making sure that the Council does everything possible to make things safe for residents.

Before the stall, Lyn went to nearby Market Square to support the very first Forest GAYTE Pride.




A New Year’s Resolution!

firstexecutivemeeting 12.12.13

The first month of the year is when we all ambitiously set ourselves great resolutions to be healthier, more adventurous, frugal, active, committed and/or pick up new skills. So as Women’s Officer of the CLP along with core members of the Women’s Forum we resolved to be canvassing pros in 2014!

And being the women of integrity we are, we have beaten the ‘no one keeps to their new year’s resolutions statistic’ and organised specific door canvassing training for this weekend! Continue reading

Rain and shine in Thurrock

West Ham CLP fielded both a morning and afternoon shift to help out with the Thurrock by-election on Sunday. The by-election was called after the death of much respected Labour Councillor Diana Hale.

Morning group in Thurrock (before going out in the rain by the look of it...)

Morning group in Thurrock (before going out in the rain by the look of it…)

The West Ham morning group, including our MP Lyn Brown, delivered hundreds of leaflets in the pouring rain. The afternoon group very nearly saw the sun as they knocked doors of the “undecided” in the avenues of Stifford Clays ward.

It was all worth it. Sue Shinnick won the ward for Labour and ensured that Thurrock Council remained a Labour hold. Congratulations to Sue from all of us at West Ham.